Eurotrip 2017 Part 2 – Turin, Italy

After our Paris trip, we headed for Turin, Italy for the next six days. We took the train and the neat thing about about the ride over was how comfortable and quiet it was. Even though the ride itself was about six hours, it certainly didn’t feel like it. Napping was easy and it was pretty spacious.

Just like the last post focused on Paris, this one will focus on Italy. Same as the last post, the pictures below are a compilation of pictures that everyone took during our awesome trip.  Continue reading “Eurotrip 2017 Part 2 – Turin, Italy”


Juventus vs. Real Madrid Game – 3 June 2017

I have been contemplating whether or not to post this on our blog. It is something that is not as pleasant as traveling from place-to-place, but it is a reality. Before I begin, we would like our family and friends to know that we are okay. A bit dazed, but we’re alright.

Some of you may have heard that many people in Turin were affected by a stampede of people last night, Saturday, 3 June 2017. I would like to share the experience that we had in relation to this. For a more in-depth news article on what happened, here are two articles: ESPN FC or  BBC . The ESPN one helps explains how everything got so out of hand. Continue reading “Juventus vs. Real Madrid Game – 3 June 2017”