Baltic Sea Cruise, Country #5: Helsinki, Finland

We are so sorry how long it’s taken us to post this one. Hopefully, we can finish up the cruise this month in order to share our other experiences. Thank you for your patience 🙂

The next day after Russia, we stopped at Helsinki, Finland. We ended up purchasing the Helsinki Card, where you pay a fixed price and admission to several museums, churches, certain tours, public transportation, and the Hop On Hop Off bus tickets are included on the card. It was a little drizzly and cold but manageable.

Thursday, 17 August 2017:

  • Arrival: 7:00am (Clearance at 7:30am)
  • Departure: 4:00pm (All Aboard at 3:30pm)
  • Port: Helsinki West Harbour, Munkkisaari Quay LHB

The Hop On Hop Off brought us to Senate Square and we first saw the Helsinki Cathedral, which was originally built in the 19th century. It was attributed to the Grand Duke of Finland, Tsar Nicholas I of Russia. In fact, it was previously called St Nicholas’ Church before the country’s independence.  Continue reading “Baltic Sea Cruise, Country #5: Helsinki, Finland”


Venezia (Venice) and Verona

We recently went on a quick trip to Venezia (Venice) and Verona. It was a very pleasant experience and one that we fully enjoyed.

Before sharing the things we did and saw, I would like to recognize what a great job Venice’s law enforcement did recently. The day before we left for Venice (30 March 2017) was a terror scare. We learned that a few men had threatened to destroy the Rialto Bridge, which is the most popular bridge in Venice, because of the pride they felt after the London attack. Luckily, the police were able to intercede prior to anything happening, but I did question the intelligence of us going. However, as Nick said, this is probably the best time to go due to higher security that would be in place. We went along with our plans and everything turned out just fine.  Continue reading “Venezia (Venice) and Verona”