Eurotrip 2017 Part 2 – Turin, Italy

After our Paris trip, we headed for Turin, Italy for the next six days. We took the train and the neat thing about about the ride over was how comfortable and quiet it was. Even though the ride itself was about six hours, it certainly didn’t feel like it. Napping was easy and it was pretty spacious.

Just like the last post focused on Paris, this one will focus on Italy. Same as the last post, the pictures below are a compilation of pictures that everyone took during our awesome trip.  Continue reading “Eurotrip 2017 Part 2 – Turin, Italy”


Venezia (Venice) and Verona

We recently went on a quick trip to Venezia (Venice) and Verona. It was a very pleasant experience and one that we fully enjoyed.

Before sharing the things we did and saw, I would like to recognize what a great job Venice’s law enforcement did recently. The day before we left for Venice (30 March 2017) was a terror scare. We learned that a few men had threatened to destroy the Rialto Bridge, which is the most popular bridge in Venice, because of the pride they felt after the London attack. Luckily, the police were able to intercede prior to anything happening, but I did question the intelligence of us going. However, as Nick said, this is probably the best time to go due to higher security that would be in place. We went along with our plans and everything turned out just fine.  Continue reading “Venezia (Venice) and Verona”

Roma (Rome), Italy – Ancient Rome

Saturday, 14 May 2016:

To celebrate our one-year wedding anniversary, Nick decided to surprise me and spend a long weekend in Roma! Well, in reality, it didn’t turn out to be too much of a surprise since he mentioned it in a passing conversation almost a week before on accident! Very convenient, though, since I ended up planning most of it! Lol 🙂

We knew it would potentially rain, so we brought our rain jackets, thinking that we would be all set. Little did we know that we would be extremely wrong!

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Monte Bianco & Aosta

Sunday, 10 April 2016:

Being near the Alps and seeing them almost everywhere we go in Torino, we decided to go visit them and take a closer look. In about two hours we make it to a town called Courmayeur, which holds the Skyway Monte Bianco (Mont Blanc). This 360-degree rotating cabin brings you to Punta Hellbronner, where you can see the highest point on the Alps, Monte Bianco. Below is a diagram of the Skyway path.

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