Baltic Sea Cruise, Country #6: Stockholm, Sweden

Our next fun-filled day on the Baltic Sea Cruise was spent in Stockholm, Sweden! Though it was a bit rainy at times, it was such a lovely and quaint city that the rain didn’t matter.


Friday, 18 August 2017:

  • Arrival: 8:00am (Clearance at 8:30am)
  • Departure: 6:00pm (All Aboard at 5:30pm)
  • Port: Frihamnen 634

The first place we visited was the Vasamuseet (Vasa Museum), which is one of Sweden’s most attractive museums. It gives a unique history of one particular ships that sunk in the seventeenth century.

These are the types of museums that we end up loving and remembering the most. It is one of those museums that focuses on one piece of history rather than a whole slew of history.

The Vasa Ship

This ship had sailed out on 10 August 1628 and it was meant to be one of the most impressive warships of the Swedish Navy. Unfortunately, it sank in the Stockholm harbor on her first voyage. The design of the ship wasn’t stable enough from side to side, allowing a wind gust to push it over, which eventually led to water flooding the ship. It took a few centuries for the ship to be salvaged in 1961. The Vasa was then reconstructed and now is being held in this museum.

This multi-level museum has different views of the ship; detailed information of the voyage, the sinkage, and the salvaging; artifacts found on the ship, and a film about the ship.

Due to it being under water for so long, the ship needs constant care in preserving its structure. We actually saw a couple of people working on the ship while we were there.

Here is a picture of what the colors on some of the outer decorations would have looked like when it first sailed out. Can you imagine how much time and effort it took in just designing and creating this ship in the seventeenth century?

img_1674-lQuickly, the Vasa Museum became a favorite museum of ours. It was one of those times when you try to picture how would it have been like to be either be on that ship or the family/friends left behind. Such a scary experience.

Walking through a model of what the inside of the ship looked like made me appreciate high ceilings!img_1687-l

It was such a cool museum and highly recommended if you ever go to Stockholm.

We then take a little stroll in a nearby park area called Kungliga Djurgarden. Entering this park, you go through this bright blue gate and just enjoy a nice walk. One of the things we’ve learned makes us enjoy a city more than others is the inclusion of green space: grassy areas, like parks. This one definitely added to our appreciation for Stockholm.

One of the other aspects that we loved was the fact that Stockholm is surrounded by so much water; in fact, Stockholm is actually made of fourteen different islands in the Baltic Sea archipelago.

*Fun Fact*
Sweden has about 24,000 islands! Holy cow!

Here we are!


We passed by Stockholm City Hall/Stadshuset next. It is on the Kungsholmen island in Central Stockholm. We didn’t actually go inside since it’s not readily open to the public. I believe you need to set up a tour in order to enter, but in any case, what’s cool about this building is that it is where the Nobel Prize banquet is held.

City Hall

We were able to see some of The Royal Guards Ceremony at the Kungliga Slottet (Royal Palace) next. It started around 12:15pm on the outer courtyard, and though we weren’t able to get close to the changing of the guards, it was still cool to see the military marching band and parade.

*Fun Fact*

Since 1523, guards from the Swedish Armed forces have stood guard at the royal palace. At one point, there were 100-200 guards protecting the palace and city, but now there are only about 50-60 armed guards.

I think the guard above might have been posing for us? I can’t imagine he would stand like that all day, lol.

At this point on our lovely trip to Stockholm, we were ready for a nice warm lunch. Den Gyldene Freden (The Golden Peace) restaurant was so cozy and homey, and the woman who served our food was so sweet.

Here is the food that we ate:

Our lunch included typical potatoes and Swedish meatballs! However, if you know me, my sweet tooth was craving something a bit more, lol. Nick and I stopped by a local cafe in Old Town square and grabbed a couple of yummy treats. Look at that giant cinnamon roll!

Down below is the picture of medieval Old Town Square, which is also named Gamla Stan. We were able to sit down for a bit and relax our legs/feet. After so many days of running around, I could definitely feel the aftermath as soon as we sat!


As we walked around, we decided to go up to the Skinnarviksberget. This is a hilltop with scenic panoramic views of the city and a nice stopping point.


Once we were done we made our way back to the ship. On the way out, it was so cool to see the enormous cruise ship maneuvering through all the little islands. What a beautiful send off from a beautiful city!


When we got back to our room, we found this little guy waiting for us. 🙂


Afterwards, we saw the Royal Caribbean Singers and Dancers (they were okay), had dinner, and prepared for our next adventure!

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Click here for more pictures of Stockholm, Sweden!

Look out for our next post where we visit Klaipėda, Lithuania – a city we were surprised how much we enjoyed!

Thank you for reading! Until next time!


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